A collection of show episodes and series that I have worked on for BuzzFeed Nifty and BuzzFeed Video.


space lift director of photography

I worked as the director of photography on season 1 of BuzzFeed Nifty’s home makeover series, Space Lift. Watch the entire first season below.


nifty 101 director, dp, editor, HOST

An educational BuzzFeed Nifty series teaching young home owners the skills they need to confidently renovate, style, and DIY their space. Watch the entire first season below.


I Wrote An Entire Book In 30 Days Director, DP, Editor, Host


$300 Dorm Room Makeover Director, DP, Editor, Host


February Bullet Journal + January Flip-Through Director, DP, Editor, Host

Part of a series of bullet journal videos for BuzzFeed Nifty. Watch more below.